Stained Glass Windows

St. Francis Windows Arrive - A Thanksgiving Surprise

Not only did Beyer Studios fabricate the remaining windows for the church before Christmas as they had anticipated, they finished them before Thanksgiving!

The windows were installed today in the North Transept. I took these photos at 4 P.M. when the sun was not at its brightest, but we'll get another set in better lighting.


These are most of the remaining events in the life of Francis cut from the full-sized windows we purchased from the former St. Francis of Assisi parish in Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

September 14 was the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, our patronal feast, and we defer its commemoration until a weekend so that many more members of our parish family may pray together. Join us at Mass on this festive and joyful occasion. There will be hospitality after the 10:30 AM mass. Check our our just-finished Hospitality Room in the St. Joseph Room.

The Finding of the True Cross window on the west wall of the church depicts the story of St. Helena's discovery of the cross through a divine healing. Since its cleaning and restoration, there are spectacular views of the window at various times of the day, especially during the fall.

Monday also commemorates the first year anniversary dedication of our new church, another cause for great joy.

Round top window


P.S. This is a "before cleaning" picture. We'll have to take an "after restoration" picture for comparison. 

Four Evangelists in Sanctuary



Images of Matthew, Mark and Luke have joined the image of St. John in our sanctuary. 

St. Matthew is symbolized by an angel or winged man, St. Mark by a winged lion, St. Luke by a winged bull and St. John by an eagle.

These iconographic representations of the evangelists come from the Book of Kells. The book has a connection with St. Columcille (Columba) - the third window from the east on the southern nave of Holy Cross -  and is sometimes called the Book of Columba, since by tradition it survived Viking raids on Iona from at least the 9th century.



St. Francis Windows for North Transept Chapel

Beyer Studios has crafted a design for the two exterior windows on the north transept using the stained glass we already own from the former St. Francis of Assisi Church in Germantown, Philadelphia.

As you recall, the original windows were quite a bit bigger than our church permitted, so we have scenes from each of the windows illustrating events in the life of St. Francis. Four of them were used to fashion the window between St. Francis and St. Clare, including a scene where Francis blesses Clare.

The smaller windows would utilize 8 more of the scenes:




Francis prays for guidance.

Francis' rule  is blessed by Pope Innocent III.







Francis takes "build my church" literally.

Francis blesses King St. Louis IX. (?)






Francis meets St. Dominic.

Clare prays at St. Francis' deathbed.