Parish Life

New Monthly Collection - Church Mortgage

Once per month, a supplemental collection will be taken up for our monthly mortgage payment. This new monthly expense will challenge our capacity to meet all our financial obligations from our regular collections. 

I've included a letter in this weekend's bulletin with more details. 

Thank you to everyone who have been faithfully fulfilling pledges made to A Time to Build. We depend on your pledges!

Please consider a modest increase in weekly giving, especially to the special Mortgage Collection.

Thank you!

Fr Manning


North Driveway to Open Saturday Afternoon / Evening

The driveway by the rectory which provides access to the barrier free parking court is closed until Saturday's 5 PM Vigil Mass. The new concrete has been poured and is curing and we have been asked to prohibit vehicular traffic until then.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we're glad the weather cooperated and the job planning proceeded just as expected.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Hospitalized

RiverviewmedctrWe had a lively and spiritually uplifting meeting of a group of volunteers from our parish and surrounding parishes who will bring Holy Communion and visit the sick in Riverview Medical Center. They will augment the team from St. James who has been faithfully filling this mission for years.

Deanna Sass, Diocesan Director of Pastoral Care and Rev. Matt Agresti, chaplain at Riverview Medical Center addressed the group and guided them on protocols for visiting at Riverview and pastoral concerns, including confidentiality. 11_dy_pm_communion


We always welcome more volunteers. Please call the office and indicate your willingness to serve.


Drone Zones

We live in times when technology races ahead of regulation. The field of bioethics in medicine is one area where medical technology has made procedures possible before serious ethical reflection and political debate can guide its implementation.

Drone technology, especially the miniaturization of components, has also quickly brought to market inexpensive and relatively easy to operate unmanned aircraft that have legislators struggling to keep up.

Are you ready for wedding drones? Seriously.  They are becoming quite popular with wedding photographers for the bird's eye view they give of the church and its environs. 

After a recent wedding employed a photographic drone around the wedding time, we were prompted to check with both law enforcement and the Diocese of Trenton to formulate a policy regarding their use at Holy Cross weddings.

Diocesan liability insurers have recommended prohibiting drone photography at weddings. In addition, the parish can exclude drone operators from being present on parish or school property for the purpose of operating a drone. 

Our concerns are twofold: safety of persons on the ground and privacy both during worship services and school activities such as recess, gym, etc.

Other than near airports and stadiums, the law is surprisingly silent on drone flyovers. Legislation is being discussed at the state level and the Federal Aviation Association has issued recent guidelines for recreational drone flying, including a requirement that many drones be registered and that drone operators be 13 years of age or older and US Citizens or foreign nationals.  Here is an excerpt from the "Fly for Fun" publication by the FAA:

  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Keep your UAS within sight
  • Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports
  • Never fly over groups of people
  • Never fly over stadiums or sports events
  • Never fly near emergency response efforts such as fires
  • Never fly under the influence
  • Be aware of airspace requirements

Reasonable requests for drone photography from experienced operators with registered drones over our campus can be considered. Please call the Parish Office to arrange for a safe time.

Hot on the Outside, Cool on the Inside

...Our church on Saturday afternoon. I'm happy to say that our church was a comfortable 70 degrees while temperatures soared outside to over 90 degrees. 

The air conditioning has been a pleasure so far this summer: it is very responsive when necessary and helps us avoid pre-cooling the church for hours or keeping the church air conditioning running overnight.

As frustrating as things can be when they malfunction, it's important to note when they perform exactly as intended. Deo gratias!


Diocesan Planning Commission's Recommendations For Our Immediate Area

It occurred to me that it might be useful to summarize the findings of the Diocesan Planning Commission's preliminary recommendations for parishes in our cohort and parishes contiguous with Holy Cross. It is automatically assumed that ALL parishes will collaborate

Holy Cross, as you know, is in Cohort 16. St. Agnes/ OLPH is in Cohort 15 and Precious Blood is in Cohort 17.

Holy Family, St. Agnes/OLPH and St Catherine Laboure to link, i.e. have one pastor and separate Finance Councils.

St. Jerome and St. Mary's to merge at the St. Jerome site by 2018. The merged parish to link with St. Michael's.

St. Dorothea's and Precious Blood to link.


Be sure to check the diocesan webpage for the


Faith in Our Future Preliminary Recommendations for ALL COHORTS



The diocese has released the preliminary recommendations of The Diocesan Planning Commission for all 25 cohorts in the Diocese of Trenton.

Each individual cohort received the recommendation from their own county weeks ago, but this is the first time the results for the entire diocese have been released to the general community.

Follow the link and click on the cohort(s) you are interested in to see the information. As you may know, Holy Cross belongs to Cohort 16.

Remember that these are preliminary recommendations and will be discussed and potentially modified after feedback from parishioners, administrators and pastors.


Two Generator Nights This Week

Our church emergency generator was put to good use two nights in the last week. One for a wedding which took place during torrential downpour #1; the second for a wedding rehearsal during the much shorter, but also torrential downpour #2. 

It performed as intended both times, providing sanctuary lighting and emergency stair and exit lighting for the duration of both power outages. It was fortunate the air conditioning had already cooled the church down for the wedding before the power went out, since the air conditioner is not on the generator unit, and the church had already begun to warm up by the time the wedding was finished. 

The generator has shown itself perfectly capable of helping us finish a mass if the power goes out and allowing a safe and orderly exit.




Summertime Projects

ChurchSummertime is a good opportunity to accomplish routine maintenance tasks on the Holy Cross campus. Here are a few of the items we're working on this summer:

  • The completion of the church punchlist continues with shoe molding being installed in the building and the installation of our Hospitality Room in the church basement. Acoustic panels will be installed above the stained glass windows in the church in the nave. This should improve the sound quality when the church is not completely filled. 
  • The main parking lot will be resurfaced and relined.
  • The gutters on the Rumson Road side of the school damaged by the winter blizzard will be replaced with insurance money from the diocesan property damage insurance


Hospitality Room

Work has begun on mounting the cabinets to the walls in the downstairs Hospitality Room of the church and cutting the pass-through window into the meeting room space.

Painting and cutting of the shoe molding for around the church and basement baseboards will also begin shortly.


Blessing Dedication of Jesus Calms the Storm Statue on Father's Day

Jesus Calms the Storm Statue Blessing
Blessing Dedication of Jesus Calms the Storm

Some members of the congregation from the 10:30 AM mass, members of the Hall family and the sculptor, Nick Ring gathered around our unique state of Jesus Calms the Storm to officially bless and install it on Holy Cross ground.

Sculptor, Nick Ring

The statue was donated by the Hall family in memory of NYPD Detective Lieutenant George E. Hall.

It is hoped that the image of Jesus calming the storm will be a source of consolation and peace in a turbulent world and a call to draw closer to Christ in the sacraments of the Church.

Sea Bright Parking Problems

  000659-0006-000024Beach season officially gets into full gear this weekend, but traffic has already been pretty terrible on the nicer, warmer days of Spring. 

The development of Sea Bright with its new restaurants, expanded beach clubs, etc. have taxed the available parking spaces to the limit and we have already seen night time parkers from visitors to restaurants just a bridge-walk away.

Just a friendly reminder that the church parking lot cannot be a place to find relief from civic unpreparedness or infighting among various for-profit businesses in Sea Bright. 

Other than beach access, the church will continue to be generous in granting permission when asked to use our parking lot for events open to the general public in Sea Bright and in our Rumson neighborhood. 

If in an emergency, you must leave your vehicle in the church lot, permission may be given if asked in a timely way and contact information is left visible on the dashboard so that we may contact you if necessary.