Praying the Rosary For America

Numerous intrepid prayers gathered despite the driving rain to pray the outdoor Rosary this past Saturday. 

They were able to seek some shelter from the rain under the school's porch and still remain visible to passers-by as a visible witness to the power of prayer, especially the Rosary.


Pope Francis Grants Plenary Indulgence for Marian Fatima Devotions

To obtain the plenary indulgence, the faithful must fulfill the ordinary conditions: (1) go to Confession and Communion,(2)  be interiorly detached from sin, and (3) pray for the intentions of the Holy Father, usually the Creed, the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. 

"An indulgence is a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven, which the faithful Christian who is duly disposed gains under certain prescribed conditions through the action of the Church which, as the minister of redemption, dispenses and applies with authority the treasury of the satisfactions of Christ and the saints (canon 992 and Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1471).”  A plenary indulgence is a complete remission of temporal punishment due to sins and is limited to one per day.

To the faithful who visit with devotion a statue of Our Lady of Fatima solemnly exposed for public veneration in any church, oratory or proper place during the days of the anniversary of the apparitions, the 13th of each month from May to October 2017, and there devoutly participate in some celebration or prayer in honor of the Virgin Mary.  In addition, the faithful must pray the Our Father, recite the Creed and invoke Our Lady of Fatima.

A statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be exposed at Holy Cross Church in our sanctuary for public veneration beginning tomorrow, May 13th.


Welcome To New Principal

Holy Cross Welcomes New Principal Mark DeMareo, Ed.D.

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Mark DeMareo as the new principal of Holy Cross School. He comes to us with an extensive background in New Jersey public primary and secondary education and a life of devoted Catholic faith. The Diocesan Superintendent of Schools was pleased to endorse our selection of such a talented individual and looks forward to working with him.

Dr. DeMareo began teaching middle school, then high school before moving on to Assistant Principal, then Principal. He eventually became Assistant Superintendent and later Superintendent of Schools.

The roots of his Catholic faith run deep including two aunts who are nuns and an uncle who was a missionary Jesuit to India. He is a fourth-degree Knight of Columbus and last year was inducted into the Knights of Malta by Cardinal Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

We are confident Dr. DeMareo will continue to strengthen the academic and spiritual formation program at Holy Cross School. His extensive experience, both in the classroom and in administration and his love of the Catholic faith will be a blessing for Holy Cross school and parish.

Dr. DeMareo will be travelling to India for several weeks to offer a scholarship at a Catholic school founded by his uncle in Patna. We wish him healthy and safe travel and a welcome return to his new school family at Holy Cross. 

A sincere thank you to all the members of the Principal Search Committee who took their great responsibility seriously and were diligent and faithful in their mission.

Fr Manning

Sacrament of Confirmation on Friday

Please continue to pray for our confirmandi, their sponsors and families as we prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation on Friday, May 12th. The bishop's delegate to confer the sacrament will be Msgr. Ed Arnister, pastor of St. Rose in Belmar. 

Come Holy Spirit enliven the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love!



Glorious Day of First Communions

What a beautiful day we were gifted with for First Communions! The cool, crisp wind seemed to keep cloud covers away and both the morning and afternoon ceremonies were perfect picture weather. 

The children were so reverent and sang the mass parts so well, it was a pleasure to invite them into the sanctuary for the Eucharistic Prayer. 

Of course, it's also a pleasure to welcome them for their Second Communions on Sunday with the regular Sunday mass community. 

Congratulations to their parents, godparents and teachers for preparing them so well. May they begin a lifelong relationship with Christ, The Good Shepherd through frequent prayer and communion.



New Missals For Latin Mass

CampionWe've ordered new missals for Sunday night Latin mass here at Holy Cross. For many years we have been using the leaflet missalettes along with photocopied propers. Especially as we prepare to periodically celebrate one of our weekly masses in song, it seemed a good idea to have a more beautiful and elegant way to help worshipers pray the mass.

The hymnal is durably bound, filled with color plates and printed with easy-to-read typeface. We'll begin using them as soon as they arrive from the publisher. 


Second Reredos Study

Artist Zu Sheng Yu has completed work on a second study for the reredos at Holy Cross Church. The scene more clearly represents The Triumph of the Holy Cross: Christ in Heaven with the Holy Cross along with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.  We were delighted with the beauty of the composition and the spirituality and sensitivity of the faces. Some adjustments will be made to the heavenly congregation surrounding Christ.

Take a look at the panels on display in the church and let us know what you think!

Installed ReredosA scaled-up representation of the reredos art.

Stair Fix

Weather permitting,  work will begin on installation of the snow melt cable on Monday. Once the heater cables have been installed, which should take a day or two, new bluestone stair pavers will be applied. We don't yet have a definitive timetable for the completion of the work.

Thank you for your patience. 

Rise Up: Projects and Plans

4c3828b0478982779f0e00fb18a5f2b3The search committee for a new principal for Holy Cross School continues its work after a brief rest for the Easter holiday vacation. Pray for the committee's success. It was no small measure of consolation to note that the Walt Disney Corporation has persuaded its own CEO, Bob Iger, to postpone retirement for the third time, since finding a suitable replacement for him is so difficult.

New carpeting and security is being installed in Holy Cross Chapel in preparation for its use an Adoration Chapel for the Blessed Sacrament.

Repair of the snow melt cable under the main church stairway has gotten underway.

A final proof list for the engravings in our Book  of Donors will be published soon.

New designs for the organ pipes and cabinets in our choir loft were approved and ordered. Preparations are underway for their installation.

A brass handrail alongside the ambo and protective window bars on the stained glass windows will be installed.

Evergreen plantings along the parish playground and fence will be installed. Replacements for the dead/dying boxwood hedges will be planted.

Planning has begun for the early fall concert in honor of our parish feast, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Watch for an ecletic, but beautiful mix of sacred, American spirituals and traditional hymnody to celebrate the theology of our salvation through Christ's cross. We anticipate the participation of invited solists and both the adult and children's Holy Cross Choir.

This week we have a second meeting regarding the sacred art for the reredos. I can't wait to see the second study.

One of our Sunday night Latin masses will be celebrated with song each month. We plan the relatively simple variant of one priest with choir/schola singing the mass, with or without incense. 

And of course, excitement in growing in anticipation of the celebration of our Confirmations and First Holy Communions.

Blessed Easter Season!


Work To Begin On Church Organ Pipes

Pipe Cabinets

Crafstmen are about to begin work on the church organ pipes and cabinets for installation in the choir loft. We have received beautiful designs and reasonable estimates.

We are still in need of financial donors for this beautiful addition to the church. Please call the office if you are willing to memorialize a gift.


Let There Be Light

AltarWe finally got the burned out LED's replaced on the sanctuary ceiling (40% of them were already out) and have brightened up the sanctuary quite a bit. It's still not as it will be, but better. The Holy Cross had been pretty much in the dark for Lent, but that surely wouldn't do for Easter!