Holy Cross School

Last School Mass For 2016-1017 and Last Day Of School

It was a pleasure to celebrate mass this morning with parishioners, students, faculty and parents in attendance to give thanks for the blessings we have received this year. On hand were our retiring principal, Mr. Bill Belluzzi and our incoming principal Dr. Mark DeMareo. Dr. DeMareo will be informally greeting faculty and students this morning before final dismissal. 

Let us pray for everyone to have a healthy and joyful summer and to grow as Jesus did in wisdom, age and grace!

Fr Manning


School Getting Ready To Dive Into Summer Vacation!

Diving_board_131981Today is a half-day of school and many classes will take the time not only to clean up their classrooms, but also to bid goodbye to our principal Mr. Bill Belluzzi. 

Our new principal, Dr. Mark DeMareo, will have his formal meeting with our faculty tomorrow on the last day of school.

Tomorrow is the official last-day-of-school starting off with our the last school mass of this academic year at 9:00 AM in the church. All parishioners are invited and we hope to see many parents there to give thanks to God for the blessings we received this past year and to ask God's protective care during the summer months.


Welcome To New Principal

Holy Cross Welcomes New Principal Mark DeMareo, Ed.D.

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Mark DeMareo as the new principal of Holy Cross School. He comes to us with an extensive background in New Jersey public primary and secondary education and a life of devoted Catholic faith. The Diocesan Superintendent of Schools was pleased to endorse our selection of such a talented individual and looks forward to working with him.

Dr. DeMareo began teaching middle school, then high school before moving on to Assistant Principal, then Principal. He eventually became Assistant Superintendent and later Superintendent of Schools.

The roots of his Catholic faith run deep including two aunts who are nuns and an uncle who was a missionary Jesuit to India. He is a fourth-degree Knight of Columbus and last year was inducted into the Knights of Malta by Cardinal Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

We are confident Dr. DeMareo will continue to strengthen the academic and spiritual formation program at Holy Cross School. His extensive experience, both in the classroom and in administration and his love of the Catholic faith will be a blessing for Holy Cross school and parish.

Dr. DeMareo will be travelling to India for several weeks to offer a scholarship at a Catholic school founded by his uncle in Patna. We wish him healthy and safe travel and a welcome return to his new school family at Holy Cross. 

A sincere thank you to all the members of the Principal Search Committee who took their great responsibility seriously and were diligent and faithful in their mission.

Fr Manning

Principal Search Committee Convenes

Yesterday we held the organizational meeting of Holy Cross School Principal Search Committee. The members of the Search Committee are: 

Beth Camillone PTA Representative, Outgoing PTA President, School parent
Bruce Eagelson   Parishioner representative, Member School and Parish Finance Councils, Member Faith in our Future Core Committee
Dr. Chris Huss School parent, member Holy Cross School Board, Principal Millstone Township Middle School
Teresa Makin School Parent Representative, Public Relations Coordinator
Mrs. Carol Bathmann Principal, St. Dominic's School, Brick, New Jersey






 Fr. Manning and Dr. Margaret Boland of the Catholic Schools Office in Trenton are ex officio members of the committee. 

Chris Huss has agreed to serve as Committee Chair and Teresa Makin as Secretary.

Advertisement for the position will be placed in media outlets next week. Deadline for receipt of applications is March 15 and the first round of interviews will be March 21 and 23.

Our first meeting was cordial, optimistic and mission-oriented. Please continue to pray for the right individual to lead Holy Cross School as principal to come forward.

Fr Manning


Update on Principal Search Committee

000156-0041-000833 (1)Our first meeting of the Principal Search Committee was scheduled for the day of the snowstorm, so it has been postponed until the same time next week, Thursday, Feb. 16th. Advertisements for the position will be placed shortly thereafter in various media outlets.

Meantime the Committee has been forwarded a copy of the recently completed Faculty Survey outlining their opinions on what kind of candidate we should look for.

We'll keep you posted.


Holy Cross School 75 Years Begin Catholic Schools Week


Congratulations to all on the celebration of Holy Cross School's 75 Anniversary as we begin Catholic Schools Week  in the Diocese.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the hard work and sacrifice by generations before us that carried Holy Cross School forward. Catholic Schools Week will celebrate the achievements of the past and encourage us to work diligently for the future. Thank you to all our faculty and staff, the parents of our school children and the parishioners who support our school and give it such a strong spiritual and fiscal foundation.

To begin Catholic Schools Week at Holy Cross, many of the students visibly participated in the mass as greeters, gift bearers, altar servers. A reception with light refreshments followed with tours of the school available for those who wished them.



Holy Cross School Principal Search Committee Announced


It is with great pleasure I announce the members of Holy Cross School’s Principal Search Committee:

Beth Camillone PTA Representative, Outgoing PTA President, School parent
Bruce Eagelson   Parishioner representative, Member School and Parish Finance Councils, Member Faith in our Future Core Committee
Dr. Chris Huss School parent, member Holy Cross School Board, Principal Millstone Township Middle School
Teresa Makin School Parent Representative, Public Relations Coordinator
Mrs. Carol Bathmann Principal, St. Dominic's School, Brick, New Jersey


Thank you to the Committee members for agreeing to serve. Both Fr. Manning and Dr. Boland are ex-officio members of the Committee and will attend all interviews and discussions.

The Committee will meet soon for orientation with Dr. Boland, a presentation by Mr. Belluzzi and begin work immediately. A profile for the school will be assembled, announcement(s) advertising the position will be placed and the logistics for collecting, reading and evaluating the resumes before the committee begins interviews will be developed. The Committee makes its recommendations to the pastor, who upon approval, forwards the application to the Office of Catholic Schools for final approval. It is important to stress that all committee deliberations and applicant resumes are confidential.

All the Committee members know the school very well and have been working closely with Mr. Belluzzi and myself over the years. The school faculty has already been sent questionnaires seeking their advice to the Committee regarding the qualities needed by applicants for our School Principal.

Even at this early date, two other Catholic grammar schools in our diocese are seeking new principals. Please pray that the Holy Spirit inspires the right applicant to be able to join us and our Search Committee with right judgment.

Fr. Michael Manning, Pastor

Principal Search Committee

As many of you have heard, Mr. William Belluzzi, our school principal is retiring from full time administration and will not be returning to Holy Cross next year. You will hear much more about this when the academic year nears its end.

Yesterday, Fr. Manning met with Dr. Margaret Boland of the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools and initiated the process of selecting a Search Committee for the all important task of recommending a candidate to the Office of Catholic Schools for appointment.

The process is clear and simple and the Diocese guides us through it so that all of the Committee's energy can be focused on finding the very best person for Holy Cross School.

The members of the Committee will be announced when all have accepted their appointment. 

Please pray for that spiritual, generous and highly qualified person to come forward!


The Dominicans Are Coming - Save the Date - December 5th, Monday

We're excited to report that two sisters from the Dominican Community in Nashville

will be visiting Holy Cross on December 5th.


It was an amazing coincidence to discover that the sisters would already be in our diocese that week and were able to extend their visit and add us to their itinerary.

The sisters will make a presentation to our Holy Cross students during the day. Monday evening they will discuss the topic of Family Prayer with school parents and parishioners alike based on their publication 

 Praying As A Family

We will be extending an invitation for parishioners in our cohort and surrounding parishes to join us for this prayerful recollection in Advent. 

First Day of School

Welcome to all our students, new and returning, on their first day of school. We will have half day sessions until Thursday and begin the year formally with a School Mass at 9 AM.

It seemed like everyone was bright and early!


(It seemed like a good day to change the blog format to a "mobile friendly" theme builder. Who knew?) 

Welcome to Faculty and Staff Holy Cross School 2016 - 2017

This morning we welcomed our faculty and staff to 9 AM Mass. It was good to see familiar faces and a few new ones as the teachers and staff get ready for the children to arrive next week. I'm sure the teachers have mixed feelings saying goodbye to summer, but all seemed in good spirits and happy to see each other again.

We ask God's blessing on students and their families for the coming year.


No More Pencils, No More Books...

Tomorrow is the mass for the end of the academic year at Holy Cross. Thank you to all the teachers, administrators and parents who made the year so special - a true celebration of our Blue Ribbon status among the nations' schools. 

All kinds of summer programs are gearing up though, so relax but don't hibernate! Summer sports camps and academic enrichment programs at Holy Cross abound. So check out the offerings on the school's website.

May Almighty God keep all our students and their families in his providential care over the summer months so that all may return rested, refreshed and ready for school in September.