Construction Project

Stair Fix

Weather permitting,  work will begin on installation of the snow melt cable on Monday. Once the heater cables have been installed, which should take a day or two, new bluestone stair pavers will be applied. We don't yet have a definitive timetable for the completion of the work.

Thank you for your patience. 

Handrail for Help To The Ambo And Window Railings To Protect The Stained Glass

We've approved two additions by Two Brothers Iron Works who fabricated the beautiful railing for our ambo: a hand rail into the north end of the sanctuary near the ambo and brass window rails along the main aisle and transept windows. 

People have occasionally been sitting on the window sills (and breaking them, oddly) and leaning against the stained glass, neither of which is good for the long term health of our valuable heritage.

They not in our budget, so the church would gladly accept contributions to help defray the installation costs! Thank you.



The handrail will match the existing rail and help our readers get a grip.
The window rails will protect the glass and the sills.

Snow Melt and Stair Repair to Begin

As you may recall, the snow melt cables laid under the blue stone stairs on our south west main entry staircase and into the basement were inadvertently cut during changes to the hazardous diagonal cut stair patterns in the upper landing. Neither the architect nor the construction supervisor were aware of the damage and we only discovered it during a few snow flurries and freezing morning dew cycles before the big blizzard. (after being reassured it was on "automatic")

Blame (1)

In a similar "you can't make this stuff up" category, the snow melt cables on the handicapped accessible ramp on the north side of the church were also cut when the handrails and wheelchair barriers were installed. Repairing this snow melt would require demolition of the concrete ramp and reinstalling it - too costly to contemplate. 

Renovations to the south staircase will begin next week. All the blue stone will be removed from the stairs to expose the heat melt cable, which will then be entirely replaced. New blue stone paving will then be installed and hopefully, we will have fully functional heat cable. The costs of replacing this system are being paid from settlement amounts we reached with the construction manager, though before we knew the full scope of the necessary repair. 

The contractors on our job site had nothing to do with the original problem, so be nice to them, please!

Main entry will be through the southeast transept on the double stairs by our Jesus Calming the Storm statue until the repairs are completed. 

Thank you for your patience.


Additional Lighting Installed In Church

Work began today on installing additional lighting in and around the church. Individual spotlights will be focused on the marble statues of the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the Sacred Heart. Two lighting bollards will be installed at the stairways on the southwest entry to illuminate the steps more clearly. A light will be installed at the main entryway just above the door to not only illuminate the portal but also the upper stairs leading to the door. Two additional lights will be installed on the exterior stairway to the basement.

We're very glad to begin this necessary work and anticipate that it will be completed shortly.

Fiat lux!


Church Construction Update

Picture1Work on the two new stained glass windows is proceeding and the maker hopes to have them installed in the two clear windows in the North transept by Christmas.

Additional acoustical sound panels are scheduled to be installed this Friday. They should clarify the sound in the transepts as well as the already installed panels have improved the sound in the nave.

Very preliminary planning is being done for the artwork to be installed on the reredos above the Tabernacle. Watch for more information on this over the coming months.

North Driveway Near Rectory to Close Wednesday - Friday

Workers have begun cutting the cracked concrete away from walkways in preparation for its removal. Unfortunately, this includes several sections of sidewalks and driveway, which were driven over before they were fully cured by heavy construction vehicles (not ours) making K turns and maneuvering for deliveries. 

Depending on the weather, it may be necessary to close the driveway Wednesday through Friday. The contractor may be able to provide a plywood ramp over which vehicles can drive, in which case please exercise caution.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but want to accomplish the repairs before the freeze-thaw cycles of winter set in.


Masonry Work To Begin Tomorrow At Church

00200024154Tomorrow work is scheduled to begin on repairing the cracks in the concrete walkways around the church. 

The cracks were caused by the need to move heavy equipment after they had been poured, both as a matter of poor staging of the construction job and insufficient protection for the walkways over which the machinery traversed.

The parge coat around the base of the exterior foundation masonry wall will also be completed, including some work to repoint the original brickwork on the Ward Avenue facade. 


Double Rainbow After The Rain

Double rainbow at Holy Cross

Holy Cross Church has closed out the construction contract in non-binding mediation (a required prelude in our contract to either binding arbitration or litigation). The settlement provides that Holy Cross pay out the balance of the contract less sufficient money to complete what the construction manager had not yet done and correct deficiencies.

Quite soon, you should see shoe molding installed throughout the building and around the columns to hide the gap between the floor tiles and the walls. The main entry doors will also be either adjusted or replaced. They must open smoothly from right or left doors and insulate from drafts and precipitation. As a fitting commentary on the agreement reached on Tuesday, one of the exterior doors partially dropped off its hinges and wouldn't close at all over the weekend.

Jesus' admonition to settle with your opponent before taking things to court merits prayer, even if it's not always practical. Justice can be expensive and isn't guaranteed in this life anyway.

Meantime the church building has deftly handled the congregations at Christmas, Easter, confirmation, graduation and First Communions without a hitch. Thanks for being patient and supportive. Deo gratias!



Main Stairway Modifications Complete

Workers completed the modifications to the main entry stairs yesterday and they should be traffic worthy by the weekend masses. The bluestone steps were extended to eliminate the cut-outs on the middle stairway originally designed for a diagonal handrail arrangement.

The lantern lamps on the main stairway have also been raised to their appropriate level which sheds more light on all of the steps. 

We're working to increase the brightness of the exterior lights to make the church as beautiful and safe as possible.


Barrier Free Doors

All barrier free doors are located on the North side of Holy Cross Church. A sloped ramp leads to the doors in the exonarthex and the narthex (the gathering space and baptismal font) and a ramp also leads to the door in the north transept (opposite the St. Michael Window). Passengers may also be dropped off at this door. 

Parking for four (4) handicapped access vans and autos is available in the courtyard alongside the rectory accessed from Ward Avenue.

Parishioners who can walk but not cope with stairs well, can also walk from any of the parking spaces nearest to these north doors for easier access to the church. 

Parking Diagram
Nearby parking spaces are shown in yellow. Handicapped access spaces as indicated. Three barrier free doors are yellow dots. Orange access ramps as shown.