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Tizian_041A copy of this painting by Titian was gifted to the Basilica of the Assumption in Washington, D.C. by Popes Pius XII and John XXIII.

Today our prayer can be one of gratitude to Jesus Christ for his saving power of the cross and resurrection, veneration of Mary as the best of us and reassurance that where she goes, so shall we, and hope and joy in expectation of our own bodily glory in heaven with Mary and all the saints.



Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus


Reconciliation can often happen when former adversaries unite against a common foe. Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus put aside personal animosity when they realized they were not only facing a common foe, the Roman emperor, but also united by a common Savior, Jesus Christ.

When we understand our common foe to be sin and death and our shared salvation to be Jesus Christ, the differences which divide us can seem minimal.

St. Dominic and St. Francis

St. Dominic was said to have dreamed about meeting a beggar on the road who together with himself would do great things for the Church. The next day, Dominic met St. Francis, the beggar - an important encounter between the founders of two important religious communities which would challenge the Church and change it for the better.

Dominic and Francis

The Transfiguration

TransfigurationArtists have must choose between realistic depictions of the Transfiguration or an iconic one.  This icon depicts the essence of the revelation without attempting to represent what the disciples might have experienced with their eyes with atmospheric effects.

Beach Gridlock Sunday

Thank you to all the faithful who fought traffic to get to mass this morning. The traffic began earlier than normal and made arriving for the 10:30 AM quite difficult. Even with cancelling our 12 noon mass and our early summer baptisms, one family had to cancel due to traffic.

Perhaps we should develop an early warning system based on how far the traffic is backed up on Rumson Road, Ridge Road and Ward Avenue?

Hopefully this evening's masses will be easier to reach.


St John Vianney


Honored by France on the bicentennial of his birth with this postage stamp, John Vianney has been a model of patience, purity of heart and self-sacrificing love since his story began to be told. Even during his lifetime, he became renowned for his preaching and his charism as a confessor.


Jeremiah or Jonah

When we set out as disciples, we never know whether we'll meet with success like Jonah or opposition, like Jeremiah.

















It isn't always something connected with us, sometimes it's simply due to people's hardness of hearts. It's not always the packaging of the message, nor the tailoring of the information to the target audience, sometimes it's a stiff-necked situation. Nor should we think Jonah a more successful, effective prophet than Jeremiah.

Our witness to Christ is our responsibility. The results are up to Him. Frustrating, perhaps in the short run, but consoling in the long run.


The Potter's Wheel

PotterAnother great image from the Book of Jeremiah, God's creative hands as the hands of potter and we as clay in His hands. Each pot hand-made and slightly different, though identical in our human dignity and the reverence we owe to our Creator and the respect we show each other.

St Alphonsus Liguori

St. Alphonsus' statue in St. Peter's Basilica


One I the reasons I think there isn't much philosophy written which is easy to understand is that most philosophers never had to teach CCD!

Alphonsus Liguori was highly educated and from an aristocratic family, but spent much of his life teaching and ministering to the poor of Naples. This may be the reason so much of his writing is accessible and still widely read today.