Our Lady Help of Christians and St. Simon the Stylite

Today there are two interesting feast days on the church calendar; they show the need for witness in different times and places.

Our Lady Help of Christians was a feast proclaimed by the Pope Pius VII after his captivity by Napoleon was ended and Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. The pope proclaimed the feast on a triumphal re-entry into Rome. 

St. Simon the Stylite emulated the Desert Fathers who left the world to live in seclusion and prayer by climbing atop a large stone pillar on which he remained for most of his life.

Both feasts remind us, as the reading from the letter of James reminds us in today's mass readings, to keep free of entanglement with things which are perishable and remain focused on God amid the turmoil of this world.


St. Simon the Stylite


Our Lady Help of Christians



A Puff of Smoke?


Today's reading from James isn't the kind of address you would give at a typical graduation or ordination. Congratulations on all your plans...but you are a puff of smoke! And your plans? Who knows?

People may take too much offense to listen to James' follow-up: Make you plans in and for the Lord and then they will prosper.



Narcan Reverses Opioid Overdoses - Be Prepared By Learning Tonight


US Surgeon General

Tonight is a Narcan (naloxone) information evening at Holy Cross Church. Narcan is a prescription drug which reverses the effects of opioid overdose. It has now been manufactured in a nasal spray preparation and through the intervention of lawmakers and the Surgeon General of the United States is available for purchase at pharmacies who will issue the drug to the purchaser.


Tonight's session is a joint effort of Holy Cross Church and the Rumson Police Department. The background of the opioid problem in New Jersey and the use of Narcan will be covered. Participants will know how to administer Narcan and learn how to obtain it. Limited supply of Narcan will be available for a donation to the church.

St. Joseph's Room in Holy Cross Church

May 22, 7:00 P.M.

Presenters: Lt. Chris York, Fr. Michael Manning