Swing Low Sweet Chariot

https://e-watchman.com/who-is-elijah-who-is-coming/Today's first reading completed the Elijah cycle and in a dramatic fashion introduced the prophetic period of Elisha, his successor.

Many ancient religions had sun gods who rode the fiery chariot of the sun across the daytime sky each day. Hearers would be quick to connect the arrival of a fiery chariot as an escort to heaven.


One Man's Vineyard is Another Man's Vegetable Garden: Naboth and King Ahab


Remains of a vineyard and winepress near the biblical location of Naboth's vineyard, coveted by King Ahab and deceitfully obtained by  his wife Queen Jezebel at the cost of Naboth's life.

Just after a sense of righteous anger is aroused in us after reading this passage in the First Reading, Jesus tells us in the gospel to reject the law of revenge and offer little resistance to adversaries.

Nevertheless, the cry of the poor and the oppressed reaches the ears of the Lord, especially those who are mistreated by the powerful for their own interests. Let us resolve today, to augment their prayers and alleviate their suffering when we can.